QuadPara Association of KZN

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         Why choose us as your CSI Partner?       

Good, reliable CSI Projects that boost your Company BBBEE rating, and offer value for your CSI spend are difficult to identify from the overload of struggling NGO’s in S.A. No Company can assist every organisation or cause that sends an appeal for funding at the very best of times.

This invariably results in an ad hoc CSI approach that is overwhelmed by requests for funding, and the Company’s CSI program ends up supporting causes that “feel good” or “sound good” to the CSI Committee, rather than offer mutually beneficial partnerships. Unfortunately reality dictates that all too often, well meaning CSI programs end up “spending” because the law requires it, and not because the Company identifies solid CSI Partners that add value to not just the CSI Program, but to the Company as a whole.

We at the QuadPara Association of KZN believe that our partners need to feel proud of their involvement with us – from the general labourers to the MD. We encourage interactive team building where management and employees can meet, greet, chat, and understand the Association’s cause, and ultimately feel part of, and proud of, the CSI relationship the Company has formed.

We are a little crazy about taking photographs, because we are proud of the services we deliver, and these, with our reports, can form a part of your Company magazine from time to time, thereby cementing the involvement of the Company’s employees in the CSI program.

We are also passionate about developing an accessible society, and we make ourselves available for staff sensitization workshops, and environmental audits as needed.

Our membership profile is as follows:

Category Number Percentages
MALE 476 66.8%
FEMALE 237 33.2%
DISABLED 713 100%
ASIAN 98 13.7%
BLACK 469 65.8%
COLOURED 30 4.2%
WHITE  116 16.3%
TOTAL 713 100%


Our annually elected Management Board is currently 60% Black and 100% are persons with disabilities.

Our employee profile is 82% Black, 52% Black Female, 61% total Female, and 24% Disabled (33 employees).

There are well over ten thousand persons with physical disabilities in KwaZulu-Natal, but our current budget services a fraction of that. Eighteen years of development has allowed us to become far more ambitious in our service goals, however, and we are gradually expanding our projects to reach all corners of the Province.

This has been going very well with our live-in capacity building program that is developing persons with disabilities, who come onto the six-week course, as well as their communities that benefit from support group interdependence and personal independence that grows with newly experienced confidence and understanding for the disabilities they have, and for those within their rural communities. A unique project that is adding tangible value to the lives of persons with disabilities living in rural KZN, one that we are really proud of, and one of many services that we currently offer.

Join us in our quest to uplift and empower every person with a disability in KZN.

PFK 2011 Report - PDF


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